Friday, May 29, 2009

1.2 - Pol Hondo

In this week's episode of The Hit Parade, we're looking at Pol Hondo. Seems this guy really twisted the wrong people. Rumor has it that, not only did he mess with Imperial goods, but he also got in bed with Black Sun and then ran off. Not so smart Pol. This bounty's asking for him alive ... I'd imagine it's because they wanna broil him like bantha burger themselves. And for a no one, they're offering some pretty good creds! Just be careful out there, fellow hunters. If the rumors are right and Black Sun is involved, you could really make a killing off this, or end up in next week's episode. So, until next week ... let the hits keep coming.

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Friday, May 22, 2009

1.1 - Grundo Hii

Welcome to episode one of "The Hit Parade". I'm your host, Bel Drago. In today's episode, we're looking at a piece of bantha poodo that put a blaster right to crime magnate, Fi
dric Baruto's head. Sure, he's good with a blaster ... but no one does that to the Baruto family, especially their boss! So today's bounty is from the Baruto family. They're offering 5,000 credits for this guy, preferrably dead! There's a ton of rumors on this guy, so hunters should be careful. And, since this is an open call, any hunter can collect ... but be careful, I've heard that the Baruto's have offered a bit more to the hunters that've worked with their family in the past. I'm sure that bunch will be gunning for anyone messin' with their creds! So, until next week hunters ... stay safe and let the hits keep coming!

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